Everything I write on my blog is 100% Lauren. Everything I write is my own opinion and my own thoughts unless I have asked a friend for their opinion of course but I will say. Please don't be offended if I write something you may like and I don't. It's impossible to write a blog and not to offended someone, I am a really friendly person really!

Everything marked with a asterisk(*) are PR samples or gifts. I will never turn my blog in to a complete freebies blog. I'm always willing to try products out that are sent to me but they will always be my honest opinion, if I don't like them I won't blog about them. I do offer advertisement back for companies as a way of saying thank you. I will never accept money of companies. In my opinion, it's wrong and heartless. 

Majority of the pictures on my blog are my own. If not I do put a link on the picture back to the page I find it. If any picture is yours and you do not wish me to use it, just pop me an email and I can take it down. I do try to link the product I use to the sites. If you're interested in something I have not linked to a site, send me an email and I can find it for you. 

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