Monday, 28 May 2012

Natural Collection

So blogging at the weekend didn't work, I really wanted to go out in the sun.

Went up in to town Saturday and really wanted some good cheap foundation and  eyeshadow. I've read many posts about Natural Collection from Boots being highly recommended. When I saw how cheap it was, I was  unsure if it was going be good or not. After covering my hand in foundation and eyeshadows I ended up with 'Honey Colour Foundation' and 'Willow Eyeshadow'.

This foundation is great! It gives me better coverage then the more expensive foundations. This bottle is going to last me ages; you don't need to use as much. Such a great buy for only £1.99.

I don't use eyeshadow as much as I used to when I was younger, I prefer just to wear eyeliner but I really want to build my make up collection up and realised I have hardly any eyeshadow. I wanted to find a colour that looks natural. I really love this one,I love the little shine to it too. Defiantly will be getting the other colours for only £1.79.

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