Saturday, 25 August 2012

Make up review on Dainty Doll and more!

I'm not a massive fan off expensive make up but I Think I've been persuaded!

Nicola Roberts (famous from Girls Aloud) brought out a make-up range not so long ago. I have heard of it before but actually not proper looked into it. Dainty Doll offers you products great for pale skin tones to give you great vibrant colours to create your own look.
I absolutely love the simple but glam design. The black packaging and then the picture of the girl really stands out. It doesn't give too much away about the product so makes you want to have a ganders inside the cute little compact box packaging.
The tubs for these products are all black and some products have a see through plastic so you can see the product. They are all in immaculate condition, not even the tiniest tiny scratch on any if them.
All products are reasonable sizes and great colour quality. All the tubs are completely full too!

At first I thought the foundation* was going to be too light but it actually really went with my skin colour. I haven't worn foundation for a very long time (feels like forever I've been in love with BB cream). I know some foundations out there can actually make you look like a wotsit, no matter how light they are (serously think sometimes they put wotsits in them!) but you can tell you're deffiantly paying for quality with these foundations. Before I applied my foundation I used MUA primer*. I've never used it before, I've always used the Smashbox photofinish primer but I really like this one. It's so affordable too so I'll be deffiantly buying more when I run out. Over my foundation I used the lose powder* as I love that extra fix to my foundation. I thought nothing was coming out at first but after a few coats I could tell the diffrence it made.

I love using eyeshadow, I love experimenting with different looks. I used the Vivo pallette* from Tesco. This is a bloody amazing pallette I must say. All the colours all blend together and give you a really nice smokey eye look. Cat eye eyeline is my kind of thing, been creating this look since my mad 'emo' days. I've always used Collection 2000's liquid eyeliner. It never runs and easy to apply.

My favorite lipstick since forever is number 9 (Grape Glitz) from Collection 2000. I love the colour! It's not to dark, or to light. It's not to pink or to red, it's just perfect! I'm always buying more thinking I'm going to run out and they're going to stop selling them. I'm mad, I know I am.

5 hours later and everyting was the same as I applied. The foundation was still looking great, didn't come off in any places. My eye shadow still looked as if I just applied it. My eyeliner allways stays on no matter what, I absolutely love Collection 2000. Ovboisly you always have to apply your lipstick over again, but a girls got to do what a girl's got to do!

I've really been persuaded over by the Dainty Doll collection, I'm absolutely loving the results you get for high end make up. Credit to all the other companies for having such lovely products and being great affordable prices. I really suggest you check out all the companies mentioned, you don't know what your missing!

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  1. I've never used Dainty Doll before, been meaning to try it for a while now but somehow never manage to get round to it.

  2. It's absolutely great stuff! You really need to try it out x

  3. I have been meaning to try Dainty Doll for a while not but it was sold out on asos for a long time.

    Much love: If you fancy a follow or just a nosey. xx