Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Eczema Essentials

Winter has not won against my eczema this year! Usually in winter I get really itchy dry skin and it actually makes me feel like rubbish but since I found these amazing products I don't have to worry that much this year. 

My completely favorite item is the soap. I struggle to find soap or shower gels that don't react with my skin so when I found this soap I had to have a go. The soap comes in a pack of two in a simple packaging that I have lost unfortunately. The bars are a reasonable size and a bargain for £1 in Wilkinson. I don't normally like soaps but I can't say no to something that is great for my skin. I highly recommend this product, it's really made me feel positive this winter.

I actually didn't know I brought this product as I randomly found it in the cupboard. After using this lotion it makes my skin feel super smooth. I use this at night just after I have a bath before I go to bed and I love how I can wake up and not feel like scratching my skin off. 200ml would last me forever as you don't have to apply that much with it being a lotion. 

People who don't have eczema or other similar conditions don't understand how stressful it can be to have. It can really put an effort on your life. I've had eczema majority of my life now and I'm still not used to it. I can't stress the amount of products you have to be careful with. It's completely a relieve to find great affordable products out there. Now I just have to find something to sort the eczema out on my scalp. Some girls don't realise how lucky they are to have such long beautiful hair!


  1. Wow! I find this product amazing. I used to have eczema too and I am beginning to get bothered about it. I have used a lot of products and all of them didn't work well. I am interested in trying out this product and I hope that this is the answer to my skin problem.

    1. Really do! Both work wonders and first go. I can go a day without using them too and my skin still looks great. I hope you find something that suits your skin soon, I know how depressing it can get x