Monday, 14 January 2013

My Make Up Collection

I was asked to do a post about my make up collection and tardar, here it is. 

Yes, you don't see any expensive make-up, what's the point when I get buy something alot cheaper and works just the same? I started my collection about a year and a half ago when I first started seeing my partner and she used to treat me to new make up. I don't wear alot, that's why I've got a few not even used yet. I'm in love with my eyeshadow collection, I have so many colours. If you love your eyeshadows, I would defiantly recommend FashionistA. The colours are well pigmented and last all day. I only got into Danity Doll products 6 months ago, if you have a pale complexion like me they're products will be great for you. Not many MUA products because I keep using them and then forgetting to buy again. MUA have really grown on me these few past months, I can't wait till my birthday. I am actually going to go mental. I'm actually really proud of myself, I normally can't look after things but I've really proven to myself I can be a girly girl sometimes I keep my stuff organised. 


  1. Love this. It's nice to see someone else who's collection isn't packed full of expensive products! xo

    1. Thanks. I work in a chippy on £4.10, I can not afford Estée Lauder foundation or Burberry eyeshadow haha x