Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Schwarzkopf Color Mask Dark Brown 400

Please note: I dye my hair at my own risk. I do have a very sensitive scalp due to eczema so I shouldn't actually be dying my hair. If anything happens, it is all my fault. Please make sure you do the allergy test first and follow all instructions.

I haven't died my hair in very long time for the simple fact my eczema has been bad over Christmas. After finding a few grey hairs I was eager to dye it (yes, grey hairs and I've only just hit 18. Scary!).When I was young, I used to die my hair red a lot and the last time I died it I put blonde in my hair so it was a horrible copper colour. I decided what colour I wanted to go and started to browse the internet. After browsing online to see were was cheapest I popped in to Superdrug with my mother. Superdrug have some amazing offers on at the moment such as Tresemme products being better than half price. Is it just me or when you go to buy hair dye it takes you a decent 20 minutes to choice even though you know what colour you're looking for? I finally picked up Schwarzkopf Color Mask Dark Brown 400. Saving £2.50 was good enough for me and after seeing it I really wanted to try the colour mask product out. Well I say saving, my mother brought me two so I saved alot and spent her money instead. I just want to say whilst we're on the subject of  Superdrug, a woman was in there looking for hair dye too and a member of staff was really helpful and could tell they knew alot about the products.

So back to hair dye..
The packaging is pretty straight forward. I would just prefer a box like this, after I've used the products they get thrown in to the boxes and thrown away. I do like how they have included some great stats on the back to insure you this product has been tried out and people love it. Everytime I dye my hair it never turns out like it does on the box so I'm not even going to into depth with the colour chart on the back. The pictures are clear and useful and it's all easy to read, spot on! In the box you get: tube of colour cream,  jar of developer cream,  sachet of hair mask, instruction leaflet and a pair of gloves. The gloves weren't them rubbish ones you get in some other hair dyes Schwarzkoph do. They were lose but didn't fall off my hands.
Simple forward instructions on how to make the mix and mess free. I had two hair dyes which was enough for my mid-length hair. I do make a lot off mess when dying my hair and normally get it all over my clothes and sides before I even put it on my hair so the tub is a great size for people with clumsy hands like me. Plus, when you use a bottle and you shake the mixture, sometimes it explodes when you open it so it's great to feel stress free knowing a hair dye volcano isn't going to irrupt any time soon. The texture of the dye is great. It feels and looks like a hair mask. It's a thick mixture and doesn't drip. After applying the dye I found it really easy to wipe off. I had it all over my face, all over my arms and all over my ears. See I told you I'm clumsy! They suggest you leave this hair dye on for about 30-45 minutes, after 40 minutes I washed mine out and applied the conditioner given. The conditioner smelt lovely and left my hair feels soft and glossy.

I'm really pleased with the results. I would defiantly use again and recommend to others. Although I've just tried this product out, I don't know how long the glossiness or colour will last for but I will let you guys now!


  1. Ohhh sounds really good, I will definitely look out for this one when my current supply is gone - I ordered when superdrug had three for the price of one on their own brand and still have two left!
    Can I ask why you used two packets? My hair is long but I only ever use one, is it a bit weak in strength? xx

  2. I've always by two just in case as I have super thick hair. xx

  3. Used this product 3 times and each time I have had a migraine headache and been ill for days....I won't use again!

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