Monday, 11 June 2012

Are tattoos beautiful?

I was in the Launderette yesterday and I read an article in the Fabulous Magazine about tattoos. It was basically about three women and their views on tattoos. I had already started planning my next blog post whilst reading this article.

I love tattoos myself. My first one was when I was 15 of a family members name who passed away(which was my dog). I had already planned were I wanted it and how I wanted it. Some people think it's absolutely stupid that I had my dogs name tattoo'd on me at the age of 15. It was my decision, I have to be the one who lives with it not them. Why should I be ashamed of something that has been a big rock to my life, now he's on my arm and will always be with me. It didn't hurt one bit, it was like little pinches until my arm went numb. I can't wait to have another one; I've already planned my next four but lack of money as put them on hold for a while.

Tattoos are beautiful. They are away of expressing yourself and being yourself. We're like a front cover of a magazine and our tattoos are like stories; gives people an idea what you're about. Majority of tattoos have meanings too; like the saying goes, a picture can tell a million stories.

What's your opinion on tattoos?

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