Friday, 8 June 2012

Catch-up & Wishlist

Hey guys! Long time no speak. I haven't been on much and when I have been it's just been to check out what everyone's been up to and what's trending. So to catch up, I went shopping last week and finally brought some items to go with my summer clothing which I will be doing a post on soon! This week has been hepatic plus having to work too. My partner got a pay rise Wednesday, we all knew it was going to happen. So happy for her, she deserves it for how much effort she puts in to the company we work for. I'm now happy with my blog design, I'm way too fussy but now my Blogger keeps coming up with errors; grrr! So chuffed it's the weekend, shame I haven't got much money this week as got to pay out £250 for photoshoot pictures! (which are shocking anyway).

I should really stop browsing the internet for stuff I really can't afford at the moment. I'm so lucky not to have a credit card, I would be in so much debt. I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I'm still rolling with Paint until I can get used to photoshop.

High Heel Chelsea Ankle Boots -
I love these Chelsea boots. I used to have horses and these really remind me of them great hacking days in the summer sun. I wouldn't normally wear high heels out in the daytime but I could wear these everyday. The heel is a perfect size and really chunky. Can't wait to get my hands on these!
Black Lace Up Wedge High Tops - River Island 
I've always been a trainer girl and I absolutely love my high tops. I can't remember when I first heard about these but I feel in love straight away. I love how sneaky they are; how you can grow a couple of inches and you would get people thinking you wasn't that tall last time they saw you. River Island do these in white aswell but these black ones are really my kind of trainer. They are absolutely a bargain too! I can't wait for some more brands to start getting their hands on this idea.
Claudia White Lace Up Block Heel Boots -
I have these in black and I'm really obsessed (even know the bottom bit of the    heel has fallen out but I can always get them fixed at the shoe shop). As I'm going to a christening soon I want something white but with a bit of an edge to them. I can't express how much these boots go with anything. I could buy them in every colour, but then I would have to buy a house for them and that means more debt (grrr, I wish money was free sometimes).
Flat Diamante Spike Shoes -
Too funky to be true, can't wait to get some of these. Can't decide what colour I want yet though.
Black Blazer Jacket - H&M
H&M is really growing on me. I went in last week for the first time in like 5/6 years since I was last living in Manchester when Auntie used to take me. It's so cheap and not tacky. I can't wait to order some great items from here, like this blazer. One word, Bargain! 
Berry Red Voile Maxi Skirt - New Look
I already have this skirt in black and it's so comfy. I haven't actually worn it out yet because I want to wear it with some flats but actually have none to go with it. Maxi skirts have really grown on me. I don't normally wear skirts but they are some really good trends coming out this season I really want to try out.
Sweet Rose Knitted A-Line Vest - New Look
This vest is amazing! Now you can enjoy your knitwear in summer without sweating your eyeballs off. New look do this is blue and yellow too. 
Plum Skinny Jeans - New Look
I adore New Look! I've always shopped there, especially for my jeans. I have these in a light brown colour, and they are so comfy. Another item I can't wait to buy, such a bargain again too.

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