Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fujifilm FinePix S1600

I thought I'll celebrate me being back for good by doing a post about my camera. I absolutely love my camera and is great for you guys you want something cheap but great quality.

I got my camera as a present of my girlfriend for my 16th Birthday. She knew I'm a big camera freak and didn't want to get me something massive so opted with this little cute camera. It's great for a beginner camera and you can learn new things by using it. The more I used my camera the more I learned and now I can do some pretty cool stuff with the settings. Although the quality of the pictures can go quite dull sometimes and blurry but if you take the picture again you should get a better result (unless thats just me with my shaky hand). You can't change the lense but that doesn't matter as you can get a very clear long zoom out of this beast. I have actually disowned it recently as it's just been sitting in my Strongbow cooling bag(my classy camera bag) waiting to be used but haven't had chance to use it. Now I've shared what I think about my camera with you it means I have to use it more to show you the quality of the pictures. I'll deffo' wont be getting a new camera intill this one actually breaks, this baby could get me far.

Pictures taken from here.

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