Sunday, 5 August 2012


So I was browsing through someones blog as you do and came across Mallzee. After clicking on the site and signing up I started to read about the company and to be honest, I think it's a bloody god damn good idea!
Mallzee is basically like your own virtual shopping mall where you can add the brands you like to your shop. Mallzee can also generate the clothes you might like to buy which you can share with your friends who can come over to your mall and check it out. Not only can you socialise, you can also earn money if your friends buy clothes from your site. Now you're might be thinking, but I could be still paying alot of money for my clothes, well this company will be giving out discounts too.
It's a shopaholics dream! Just think, shopping without the pain of getting pushed out the way in shops or fighting for the last pair of shoes; you can just sit at home, feet up and shop. The site is not properly up and running yet but you can already sign up now! Mallzee has also got a competion running at the moment for the chance to win £100!

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