Monday, 6 August 2012

Big for oversize!

'' BIG is beautiful this autumn '' - Vogue

It feels so good to know that autumn/winter is coming back very soon. It's not that I hate the sun and the whole idea of summer, it's the fact we've had none and I just want them seasons back were you can really feel comfortable in warm clothes. 

Pictures taken from Vogue.

I can't wait to buy a parka this year, I haven't had one since I was little. They are so comfy and warm. I'm still in love with the whole stud idea. I don't think they'll be going out of trend for a while yet. Skinny jeans; denim or coloured, everyone has a pair. They are easy to wear with everything, I know I'll be lost without mine. I'm so in love with these shoes, I really do need. I haven't got around buying these yet but I'm going make sure I have these on my feet for the really cold weather hits.


  1. I prefer A/W clothes to S/S clothes. I love coats and cardigans and jumpers. I love that studded shoulder sweatshirt you've picked there!

  2. I love summer, but I agree. We never bloody get any so what's the point. All that lovely summer clothes just languishing in the depths of my wardrobe. Bring on aw.