Sunday, 30 December 2012

Argos Earrings

I finally had my ears pierced after when I was about 7 I got them stuck in my ears and had to go to hospital to get them out. 6 weeks in and I ended up getting a infection, I wasn't impressed at all. Knowing how much of a freak I've been with cleaning them and making sure I was moving them because of the last incident it just made me feel like getting rid of them all together and not bothering. I was looking for some quality earrings so I could take the ones that was put in out. Me and my partner went into Argos after losing one of the earrings down the drain and found these.

These earrings wasn't £9.99 when I brought them, they were something like £7.49. These earrings are great for just dossing around. At work I can only wear small earrings or studs so these are perfect. These are actually really cute too! Since I've changed my earrings over, I've had no bother since.

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