Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

Don't you get sick of hearing 'new year, new me'? Do people actually hate what happened this year? Come'n we lived through the end of the world, that makes this year special atleast! 

This year has been eventful (for what I can remember, I have a brain like a goldfish). This year me and my partner moved into our first house together. We have done pretty well for ourselves actually. Even though the house is damp and horrible we've made it look decent and have started getting stuff for when we move out of this dump but that's when I get a decent job. Berni had a pay rise and was promoted. So proud of her, she's changed so much in the last 2 ½ years, for the good ofcourse! I've found my perfect venue to get married too, it's defiantly not cheap though. When I started dating Berni, I lost a hell lot of friends. I don't know if it actually clicked in for them that I am actually a lesbian or they realised I was growing up and I wasn't a teenager no more. Through blogging I've met some lovely people who actually do want to talk to me. It was really hard at the start of the year, I will admit I used to cry over having nothing to do on a Saturday but now, I look back and think I do have something to do now and that's blog. 

Next year, well..
• To get a better job and I wont be going into detail about that one.
• My mad birthday in March, I'm thinking Manchester!
• I've always wanted to be my own boss so next year I will starting my own Laurens Shop. I didn't finish school with no GSCES, I didn't go college so it's going to be a pat on the back for myself to say I can do anything I want to and no one can stop me.
• Hopefully If I get a new job, we will be moving into a lovely lush house. 
• Cut down on food! I've got really chubs over Christmas and it's making me look like I have a little food baby coming. 
• Go visit Wales again. Berni is in the middle of driving lessons so when she passes a small holiday in Wales is need. Last time we went it was perfect, crabbing everyday! 
• I need to start saving money for Christmas. Yep, already thinking about 2013 Christmas. This year has robbed us a lot of money. Christmas is cruel. 

I hope all my followers and if any new followers join over the new year have had a lovely year and have a amazing night tonight. I'm off to the pub in fancy dress, me and Berni have gone for a royal forces theme. Am I the only one who thinks new years is really depressing? You stand back and watch everyone crying, throwing the drink around, hugging and kissing people they don't know and then wake up in the morning not remember a thing. I'm going to try not to get to sloshed and to stay away from the strangers as I don't want there dirty cold riddled germs. 

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