Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Day

So I'm not writing a post about Christmas to brag. Last time I checked Christmas was about family time and FOOD not how much Mummy and Daddy can spend on you. Plus a year ago on Christmas day, Berni proposed to me so it made the day even more special.

So my girlfriend woke me up at 10:30, like seriously I wanted a lie in. We went downstairs opened a view presents of mine as she had already had the tablet that I had brought last month in the sale. Berni had to be awkward and have pork this year and as I don't like pork I had a full chicken to myself. When it came to sitting down we had massive bowls full of pigs in blankets, roasties, roast carrots, roast parsnips in a massive Yorkshire pudding. It was bloody lush!
After making an effort to get of the sofa we went down to the pub to see family and ended up taking my little brother(well he's 15 and taller than me, oh dear!) back ours and he ended up staying. I think he only wanted to stay because he hasn't seen me in months as he lives in Manchester with his Dad,must of missed me way too much.
I can't wait till next year. Going to bigger and better! Thank you everyone who wished us a Merry Christmas via blogger, twitter and emails; little cuties.

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