Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day - Night : Make Up Change

So as I have absolutely nothing to do today I thought I'll do a kind of fun post in partners onesie.  I hardly wear make up, but I have so much of it! If my skin wasn't so horrible and dry then maybe I would wear it everyday but hey, joys of eczema eh!

I've created three different looks for morning, afternoon, night without having to do a whole full look each time. I do have a nice camera but I just can't seem to get it to actually do as it's told.

Look one: Miss 'I look professional'

Primer - MUA

You look half dead, stuck on that toilet for far too long because of that dodgy take away and you feel absolutely rubbish, well hello bright red lipstick! I think a bright lipstick always lightens a rubbish morning.  I am in love with this eye shadow, if you like your eye shadows than the FashionistA range is absolutely gorgeous and has loads of must haves.

Look two: Miss 'Is it bed time yet?' 


That moment when you get half way through the day and you realise how pants it's actually been and would love to go back to sleep right now (I have this feeling everyday!). I'm in love with this lipstick; forever wishing it was stained on my lips.

Look three: Miss 'I defiantly need a few beers or so down the pub' 


Hard day means a good strong pint, none of this ladies muck. Dark lipstick and eyeliner always look fab together, fact! This is how I normally do my make up on a night out. I've added a tiny bit of gold to the corner of my eyes just to give them a sparkle and detail. 

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