Monday, 24 December 2012

My Eczema Story

Over the few couple of months eczema hasn't really bothered me. If anything, eczema has given me confidence and I'm not afraid to walk around with no make up on anymore. It's made me realise who I am and I've never been happier.

I only started to realise I had eczema when I was about 10. It never actually bothered me though. It started on the creases of my arm where my arm bends but with going through spots already I thought it was just something all teenagers go through when their body starts to change. I was never bullied because of it and no one never asked me what it was. It only started to get worse turned 16 due to stress. I had just realised that I actually like girls more than lads and with family matters everything just got worse for me. Now I have eczema on my eyelids, sometimes a little blob underneath my cheek, on majority of my hands and on my wrists. One time I had to go to the doctors and get cream and antibiotics to take as it was effecting other areas of my skin and was actually scaring me thinking it could of been something else. It really got me down for a while, I would actually cry every nights wishing it would just go away and thought life is not worth living if I'm stuck with it all my life. I've tried every cream under the sun and it never gets better so I don't bother putting anything on no more unless it gets really bad.
I didn't know what to do no more, until I started to realise the young woman I am. I knew I couldn't hide it all all my life so I started to live with it. As the days got on I would look in the mirror and just think, why the hell does something so natural actually bother me the other month. It isn't my fault I was born with it and I'm not the only one to have it. I will go anywhere without make up on, even to work. I get payed to work, not to run a beauty competition. If I wear hardly any make up my skin looks better, I would rather have a good complexion than having to take my make up off at night and to see my face looking horrible and dry.  Not only has eczema boosted my confidence but made me realise how much respect I have for myself. I am so chuffed with myself. If I didn't get over it when I did then I think I would be in a more worrying prodicument now.

Girls, you are beautiful just the way you are. Don't let skin conditions make you feel down, look at yourself in the mirror and believe in yourself. The most important thing to do is smile and be happy, there's not enough time in the day to sit around and mope. 

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  1. Dear Lauren, like you i am an eczema patient with very severe hand eczema that i was unable to rid. i have had eczema since i was young. I recently found out that i am allergic to chlorine amongst many other things...

    fed up and tired with steroid creams that gives you side effects like blue blacks, i surfed the web furiously looking for alternatives.

    i found a few things which i started about 3 days ago and my hand eczema and those around my mouth has improved 60%-70%. I think i'm finally on my road to son says my hands are smoother... kids dun lie :)

    i am a singaporean and these are the things i was able to get my hands on to fight eczema in 2013:
    - doctor gave me conazole cream
    - i bought a watersource aroma shower head $SG149(dun use the vitamin stick as there is frang
    - i bought alkaline water pitchers 2 @ SG$139 at CK tangs and best denki.
    - And ‘Natural Aqua Gel Cure’ SG$49

    if you are willing to try you can call me for more info. I am not a sales woman but i'll like to help other eczema patients just like me.

    Your friendly eczema friend
    Sandra Lim