Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Disco Pants Dupe

My first outfit post? I'm finally going up in the world! 

Blazer - Primark
Top - Old
Disco Pants - Westcoast

The lighting at the time I took these pictures was rubbish and when I put the flash on, it just made everything 10x worse. 

Westcoast is my favorite shop in Hanley. Everytime I go I have to spend my money in there. The best part is that more a less everything is 2 for £20. I picked these up and a jumper the other week and couldn't wait to get home and try them on. So ok, you can obviously tell these look really baggy and saggy on me, they aren't really the best fit in the world but hey, they were basically a tenner, I can't moan. They are a ash grey colour and feel really silky. If you have a little belly like me, when you tuck your top in it makes you look pregnant so when it comes to losing weight they wont really fit me properly. What I love about these disco pants you can dress up or dress down with them. Day time with a baggy top, jumper and a pair of vans and at night with a black top and some killer heals. It is better off spending £70 on a pair of American Apparel disco pants, for all the reviews I've seen you get quality for money but when you're abit poor like me, these are just as good to style up your wardrobe.

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