Saturday, 26 January 2013

January Birch Box 2013

I've now lost my beauty box virginity! I won a three month subscription with BirchBox on a SheSaidBeauty comp. I'm in love, for my first box I'm really impressed. I can't believe how beautifully designed the boxes and the bag are. Both companies are lovely and helped me order my box. My box arrived in a few days in perfect condition. I'm a bit fussy with my parcels and didn't like the fact that it went to one of the neighbors that me and my partner don't even bother speaking to because she stinks of alcohol so something to keep the box sealed would of been better but then it would of just wrecked the beautiful bold pink box. As I was aware it wasn't opened and everything was in their that should be. 

Description of products -
" fresh ® | Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment
Beauty editors love this delicious treatment which keeps lips flake-free and soft. Plus, there's built in SBF 15. Full-size, £15.50

KMS California | FREE SHAPE quick blow dry

Save precious time with this dual-phase mist: The top layer detangles and softens hair, while the bottom layer helpt its dry faster. Full-size, £13.50

Révérence De Bastien | Unguent for a nail and cuticles

Apply this with French brand's argan- and vitamin-rich treatment to your nails between manis to keep them strong and healthy. Full-size, £15.50

WEI™ | Jujube Age Control Serum or White Lotus Moisture Rich Eye Blend
For healthy, younger looking skin, WEI bring the theories of tradition Chinese Medicine to high-performance skincare. Full-size £60 


Teapigs | peppermint, chamomile or superfruit
Your afternoon cuppa got more exicting thanks to these yummy whole-leaf tea blends.
Pack of 15 tea bags, £3.49-£3.99 "

My Favorite Products

Ok, so not all these products suit me, like seriously I know I have my first few grey hairs and I haven't even hit 20 yet but I don't need anything to sort my wrinkles out, for the simple fact I still have my baby face. I only like my normal tea, I tell a lie. I like strong tea bags but not one of those people who like trying out over teas so the tea wont be any use to me. 

This product smells absolutely lush! I tried it on this morning after having a mid-night sledging hype and this has really re-hydrated my lips and left them feeling smooth and moisturised. The colour is gorgeous too, it's like a little hint of red/pink colour on your lips so gives your lips a subtle tinted colour. The size of this sample is perfect for keeping in your pocket, or in your daily make up bag.

I haven't tried this product out yet but from the views I've read I'm already loving it without even trying it. How great does this sound that was written in the little magazine that comes with the box: " The conditioning ingredients (top phase) detangle, separate, and smooth strands. The quick evaporating ingredients (bottom phase) remove excess water for faster drying". I can't wait to try this product out, I will keep you informed my lovely followers. 

Even though I have no nails, this product makes me want to grow them just so I can say 'ohh look at me using this amazing product'. This product smells so yummy, if I could eat it, I SO WOULD. This gorgeous pink cream will keep your nails in tip-top condition, protect your skin and soften your cuticles. How amazing! This cream is full off organic camelia and argan oils if I haven't already persuaded you to try this out. 

Fresh Start Magazine
I like to research my products before I buy them and this little magazine was great to give me an insider of these luxuries. It full of useful information and great little tips. I love the article about Gemma Tomslinson. Everything was in great detail and a lovely short read. I love the 'GET THE LOOK' article too, a great look which is explained on each different look that makes the 60s memorable.  

I can't wait till my February box now, Birchbox has made an amazing impression on me. I really recommend if you're a beauty junkie like me and love to get little treats once in a while. For more information check out the BirchBox website. Great price for quality treats!

Ps, don't forget about my give-away. End 31/01.


  1. I also loved my first box. For the first time I like every product and will be using them all. I love the range of products that were on offer. My husband was also happy as I gave him the tea which I got in mine!
    Beeauty Geek

  2. I loved my box too. Hope you will do a review on the cuticle cream - looks amazing - wish I'd got that! Love the Sugar lip treatment x