Sunday, 6 January 2013

MUA Magnetic Nail Polish

As I've got no nails the only nails I have to paint are my toe nails. I know there not the best looking things in the whole wold either!

I popped into my local Superdrug store yesterday and picked up the MUA magnetic nail polish. Mine is the purple one and my friends is the blue one. The original price was £3.50 but now £2.00 so it's even more of a bargain.

This is easy to do and no mess either. Ok, it took me a while to realise what I had to do but I'm pretty hooked now. If the polish stayed wet longer then I guess you could make another pattern over top which would make it more interesting. I'm defiantly going to get the other colors.

For more information on this product check out their website here

1 comment:

  1. I have been meaning to pick up some magnetic polish for a while, but I was always under the impression it would be quite messy so I am glad to see you say that it isn't. It looks great on the toenails.

    Much Love: If you fancy a look.