Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I'm A Lipstick Lesbian, And What? - My Story

I came out about 3-4 years ago and it was as easy as that. Well coming out.. it was just a relationship change on Facebook and the questions came afterwards. I just didn't know what to say and thought it was just easier to tell everyone that way. I actually bet a few people thought it was a joke until the pictures were uploaded. Yes, it did take a lot of balls and a lot of thinking but with having such a close family at the time nothing else mattered. My Mum actually thought it was a phrase I was going through until it got serous with my partner.  My friends were quite iffy about it all. I lost loads of friends, no one wanted to know me no more. I think it was more the fact they thought they knew me but turns out they never did. I've now made friends you accept me for who I am. I was in year 10 when I came out so you can imagine what gossip that was going around school. Majority of people didn't actually care but I did have them people whisper behind my back. I was bullied ever since I moved to Leek when I started in year 5 so I was pretty used to it. The names you get called never get old. Like seriously, 'Lesbo' is just pointing the obvious. Ok, my partner is a 'Dyke' if that's how you want to call it. 'Lettuce Licker'? Cool story Babes. You can be sitting in the pub and then this 'manly banter' starts. I'm pretty sure they do it because we get more action then they've had over the past months so they think taking it out on us will make their sad sexless lives feel better. 

Me and my partner have been together for two years and three months. The first time I lay my eyes on her I knew she was mine. We met in the pub where I was brought up in when we moved to Leek and she was just coming back from Alton Towers in her fetching Zorro costume *drool!*. It was pretty weird actually because it was my mum that introduced us and asked me what I thought about her. I added her on Facebook and we got chatting. It was one obstacle after the other but she was worth it all. She asked me to marry her on Christmas Morning around about 1:00am in the same pub we met. I was drunk but it was still romantic. Now we live together planning the rest of our lives together. I'm done now, you can put the sick bucket down!

All the bloggers I follow are straight. Everyone blogging about their boyfriend but were's the girlfriend posts? 


  1. An original and refreshing post Hun. It's time like that when you know who your true friends are.
    Congratulations on your engagement xx :)

  2. This is a great post :) So many people feel the need to hide who they are for fear of the comments, the whispers, etc. I really hope your post will inspire and encourage anyone in that situation.

    You and your partner look lovely together!

  3. Wow I am shocked, and disgusted actually, that you lost friends when you came out. I never imagined young people today would act like that. Surely you weren't living in Manchester then? Because this is such a LGBT friendly city, I wouldn't have thought it would raise any eyebrows here. Anyway, you sound really in love and happy with your partner, and that's all that matters really.
    Angela x


  4. I find it so sad that people choose to judge someone over their sexuality, it doesn't change who you are, you haven't suddenly grown three heads. I am glad you have true friends who choose not to judge you and at the end of the day as long as you are happy that is all that should matter. I am glad you are happy, you sound blissfully in love and I am chuffed for you xx


  5. My girl and I just got engaged too!
    Congratulations and forget the people who don't support you!

  6. This is so inspiring, I hate that people judged you. It's great that you came out a stronger person, thanks for sharing your story :)