Saturday, 23 February 2013

Making Pizzas For Dummies!

I do know how to cook, well foods I like. When my partner said we should make our own pizzas last night I really thought I was going to go to bed hungry. When the hell did they start selling pizza bases?! I thought she was going to make me fail at making it from scratch.
We popped into Co-Op and picked up:
Pack of two pizza bases: £1.79
Tomato puree: £0.69
Onions (7 in a bag): Reduced from £1.00 to £0.75
Mushrooms: Reduced from £1.00 to £0.79
Pack of pepperoni: £2.00
Pack of ham: £2.50 (I don't know why she choose the most expensive one!)
Total: £8.02

What a bargain! We made two pizzas out of them and we still have lots of ingredients that we can use again for other things. Instead of ordering a greasy pizza from the take-away I have made two for half the prize, no grease and put the right amount I want on. Plus it doesn't take a scientist to put your topping on a already made pizza base. We did buy some stupid amounts of chocolate so we haven't really saved a lot of money and it actually wasn't all my fault!


  1. Looking good, I am a new follower, from Facebook group xx

  2. mmm that looks yummy!!
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