Monday, 4 February 2013

It's Amazing What You Can Do With Make-Up

I came across on Facebook, and now I'm hooked! is a website for make-up lovers who love to share their look. Any style you're looking for, it will defiantly be on there. Hair, nails, lips, eyes, everything! These women are absolutely talented, I don't know how they do half the look to be honest, or have the patients! 

*I do not own any of these pictures. They all can be found out the website.*

I absolutely love this look. The pigments in these eyeshadows are out of this world. It's bright, bold and different. This look would still be amazing with out the gems but they just give some sparkle to the whole look. I can't believe how perfectly done this is, must of taken hours!

I don't really own alot of earthy brown eyeshadows but this look is making me want to go out and buy them just so I can try it out. The pigments again are amazing and the shading is spot on. I love how just adding the 'cat-liner' look can make a massive difference.

I wouldn't really put these colours together myself but it really works. I love the blending technique they've used and the use of colour. Adding false eyelashes makes a huge difference doesn't it? It makes your eyes look so much bigger. I wish I had eyelashes like my partners, they're huge and thick!

I never wear pink eyeshadow, I've always been into purple shades. I love how taken a very girly colour can be made into a great grunde/rock look. The use of black is amazing; not to much but enough to give depth and detail. 

If you've never been on the site before, I really suggest you check it out. So many ideas you'll love to start creating.


  1. What beautiful looks, doubt I could ever achieve anything like that myself, but do love it.
    Angela x

  2. Oh wow, that pink eyeshadow looks soo awesome! I know I wouldn't be able to pull any of these looks let alone make them happen on my face hahah, but it sure does nice to marvel at them and how talented the artist is!

    (dropping by from! - thanks for checking out my blog too ;-) )

    xx Donah