Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sure Compressed Deodrants

I was sent two new Sure compressed deodorants to try out by BzzAgent. BzzAgent are a social marketing company who help to share the word about new products or even products you may never of heard of . They give people a chance to review these products and to share the word too!

I have always used Sure and they've never let me down. It does exactly what it says on the label. I've never had white marks and the lasting protection is fab'. Sure has even gone to extreme levels to increase antiperspirant ingredients for even better protection. Even though more ingredients have been added into these small cans, they both still smell the same as the bigger ones. It's pretty awkward whacking out your huge bottle of deodorant when you're at the gym or at work. These cute little cans are easy to pop into your bag and work just the same. Instead an almighty 150ml, you can get a better result from a 75ml can and will last longer. I've used one of these cans everyday for the last week and it still feels full. How this works is less gas is being realised as they've changed the deodorants nozzle and you can't even tell. 'If 1 million people switched to compressed deodorants, we could save 720 tonnes of CO2 and enough aluminum to make over 20,000 bikes'' FACT! Don't forget to recycle your empty aerosols too, just ask your local authority for your local recycling place.

Retail price of £2.19*

If Sure is not your kind of deodorant then Dove and Vaseline have been compressed too! You can find these products in your local supermarkets and drug stores soon.


  1. i nominated you for The Liebster Award

  2. I'm impressed they have reduced the size but I can't use them, I'm allergic to most spray deodorants so I stick to roll on.


  3. I love Sure deodorant - it's one of my favourite brands. It's nice to see them caring so much about the environment!

    Following you :)