Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Primer - MUA
Foundation - Dainty Doll Light

I don't wear make up for work so when I do my partner is always rushing me out of the house and don't get time to take a picture. So there I was standing on the bed trying get as much light as I could from the light bulb and then had the flash on aswell and still shocking photos. I even interrupted my partner in the bath just so I could use the window ledge to take a picture, awkward moments

Lauren, gold? REALLY. I'm so used to wearing neutral lilac and purple colours so I thought I'll try something different. Really go out your way when it comes to make up, you'll be surprised. I never used to wear bright lipsticks but now I'm hooked. I brought this beauty from Fragrance Direct for £1.99 which if you're never heard of Danity Doll before is an absolutely bargain for such a quality product.

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