Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Forever Loving Blue

Not the boy band before you ask. Gucci, Stella McCartney, Burberry and many more were rocking the colour blue for this season. Why not? It's an amazing colour, better than pink. If you're going to flash the colour I would do it with this beautiful shirt then throw over BooHoo military jacket for extra cool points. I used to cut my clothes out when I was younger, who knew it was going to be a big hit this season! I saw some of it last season but SS13 has been taken over by scissors. I absolutely love these cut out boots, River Island are selling some beautiful ones aswell but Missguided are selling these at a bargain of a price.  When I was little all I used to have was normal thick black ones or the shiny ones, why didn't they sell star ones?! These tights are great and pretty much go with anything. Sadly they would not last half a day with me, snakes and ladders have never seen a bigger ladder.

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